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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

New member here

Hello, I'm new to the site and to nudism. I've always enjoyed being nude indoors at home and have long been curious about nude outdoors. I've been tempted to gear down on some solo hikes, but never did as I was worried about offending...

Birmingham uk newbie

Hey from birmingham in the uk, first time being properly nude this summer on holiday, loved it and didnt manage to burn anything! Always like the idea but never tried until opportunity presented itself

Hello from Canada

New to the naturist idea, hoping to break out of my shell and go to a naturist resort/campground this summer. Any advice would be nice on what to expect would be great!

The risks of illegal solo nudity in nature

Mountains, forests, rivers, seas. I envy people and groups who are freely spending their time in the nude around here. In a country where nudity is illegal, there is a considerable risk of being nude alone, and there is no one to help me, and there...


Hi all. Long time naturist from the UK here, New to the site. Looking forward to getting to know some people.

Hello, I'm Back

I go by "Ambrose" online. I have practiced nudism within the confines of my own home (or whenever alone if I'm living with others,) for a little over the past decade. It's been a topic that piqued my curiosity when I wrote an essay...

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Who is Marie2830

I don't know where else to ask this... has anybody else gotten a message from marie2830 asking you to email her? She almost seems real but her language is weird for somebody saying she is from America. She also doesn't respond to what i say...

New Australian Nudist

Hi everyone, figured Id do a bit of an introduction, Im a 22 year old male from Australia, I've recently discovered nudism and as such have heaps and heaps of questions about the topic and exploration of it. I'd love to know if there are any...

Hello all

Hi, Im a norwegian guy 32, Kinda new here. Looking for likeminded people. Im a active nudist, as in i go to beaches when possible, or local indoor arrangement (Pool/sauna for nudists) Any europeans around? And also perhaps some women want to get to...