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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Hello all

Hi, Im a norwegian guy 32, Kinda new here. Looking for likeminded people. Im a active nudist, as in i go to beaches when possible, or local indoor arrangement (Pool/sauna for nudists) Any europeans around? And also perhaps some women want to get to...

Hello Everyone

Hi All , My Name is Vaishali. I m from Bangalore. I m not exactly naturalist but i like being nude at home and i don like public display of nudity. I enjoy nude cooking . I Like to be friends with ppl who share similar thoughts on being naturalist.....

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by aarav_nakie 
Where to go alone first time.

I'm wondering where in my state of Florida I could do this. I don't wish to socially interact with anyone the first time. A place where the others give you your space. Are any public beaches in the state this way? Thanks.

What lead you to get into nudism?

Hi everyone, Social nudity isn't common in Australia, I'd grown up not really knowing about nudists and nudism, but that being naked was only for inside the house and by yourself or with a partner only. I'm interested to find out what it...

New to Nudism in DFW

hey everyone! New to the site and fairly new to Nudism..more of a "home nudist" and have met one local person for social was a good time! open to chat with other cool men + women in the lifestyle.

Introducing Me!

Hi all! New to the site for a few months now and the proud owner of a couple of new groups including one for van lifers and other road trip and camping enthusiasts ( I have little to no experience...

Very new naturist with a question

Hi all, New member here, 38 years old and live in Sydney, Australia, and very, very new to naturism, as new as it gets. Finally went to a nude beach a couple of weeks ago after spending a couple of years trying to get the courage to get in the car...

newbie nudist from jakarta indonesia

hey my name is juni from jakarta indonesia i am newbie in nudist and my country not allowed nudist on the the public like beach even though we have many beautiful beach here any member or community around jakarta?? thanks

Bald Head Island

Does anyone know or have been topless on Bald Head Island NC?

Hello from Texas

Just a single guy from the Houston area hoping to make some friends. I'm somewhat socially awkward, so making friends even in the textile world is difficult for me. And engaging nudists who are already suspicious of my intentions is downright...