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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

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And wanted to say howdy to y'all. Thinking..oh great, yet another message board to check in the morning while drinking my coffee. Either I need to get up earlier, or strt going in late. Peace


New to the naturist idea, hoping to break out of my shell and go to a naturist resort/campground next year. Any advice would be nice on what to expect would be great! useful links for leisure time:

New here

Hello I'm Niels 29, new here. Getting into the idea of embracing naturism. I would like to meet people to talk and learn more from this community. I am a fan of tennis too and live in Miami. Glad to hear from you Niels

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Newbies Over 70

Would luv to network/chat with other "old" nudists.

New to Nudism and Can't find a community...

I'm new to nudism. I've been getting naked every chance I get and it has been great. I sleep naked and when I'm alone, I like to spend that time naked. But I want to explore more and be part of a community and hang out with other...

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Hi i am Joel and my wife Tanya we are new to the sight, still trying to get a pict with holding the sign, we are in southern Louisiana hoping to be able to join in a event when we can. I Think i will be able tojump right in but my wife may be a lil...

Private nude holidays?

Hi, My wife and I would love to find European destinations where we can spend extended periods naked outside. I would entertain nudist locations, beaches etc., but my wife would not. Can anyone recommend any cottages, villas, gites or similar which...

Wanting to Meet Nudists in the Midwest

We are not newby's but if you are and are looking for some nudist friends. I have been a member of this site for over five years now and have yet to meet anyone from the site in person. I mean, C'mon, we are all supposedly nudists and thus...

Real or Fake

Here is just a thought... if you go to an event and meet people they are more likely to say you are real as they saw you in the flesh... Just sitting behind a keyboard is hard to distinguish who you actually are...