Touching The Earth: Barefoot+Naked

A Group for Nudists who prefer going BAREFOOT (in addition to Naked) whenever possible. All living things receive sustenance from the earth. Like trees rooted in the soil, we too, are connected to the earth when barefoot. One might say the earth nurtures us as the sunshine and breezes caress our naked bodies. This, in a nutshell, is as nature intended, much of what Naturism is about.

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It would probably be nice if in this group: a) provide a place, b) create a subgroup, c) or create a separate group - for photos of bare feet of users who will probably send these photos. Only systematize separately - male and female, by age - up to 60 years and after 60 years. I think that this idea will be popular on this site. Because bare feet are a kind of natural BONUS, confirming and affirming the universal human beauty of a naked body.

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