Touching The Earth: Barefoot+Naked

A Group for Nudists who prefer going BAREFOOT (in addition to Naked) whenever possible. All living things receive sustenance from the earth. Like trees rooted in the soil, we too, are connected to the earth when barefoot. One might say the earth nurtures us as the sunshine and breezes caress our naked bodies. This, in a nutshell, is as nature intended, much of what Naturism is about.

I have been given a book called Earthing. All about how beneficial it is to walk barefoot for health. I haven't started it yet but I'm sure it will be good,

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I have heard of it ! The importance of being in touch with the earth is real.

A friend who was a massage therapist had to take his shoes off and walk in the grass after coming home. It helped with the pain he absorbed during the day of massages. Mind you he even worked at a chiropractors office. So a lot of people were in great pain. It was one of the key things that helped him get through the day.

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