Touching The Earth: Barefoot+Naked

A Group for Nudists who prefer going BAREFOOT (in addition to Naked) whenever possible. All living things receive sustenance from the earth. Like trees rooted in the soil, we too, are connected to the earth when barefoot. One might say the earth nurtures us as the sunshine and breezes caress our naked bodies. This, in a nutshell, is as nature intended, much of what Naturism is about.

Nudity is beneficial but especially that for the feet

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I have been inclined toward nudism for about four decades, I was trying it out when a very young adult. Opportunities for me in being nude with others or among others was not steady but would come and go. I felt more and more ready to be nude casually but it doesn't work to just go nude everywhere. Often it is not even warm enough anyway, for me anyhow. Within the last couple of decades I learned about further things for well-being and have made many changes along those lines, among the earliest of those was trying out going about without having anything on my feet. It was impressive to me how soon I was seeing betterment, my feet could handle more and more, noticeably, within *months*. And for well over sixteen years I have walked, even really good distances, only barefoot, and I don't walk any other way now, and for a long time now. I can do that, even while I can't always be nude, but I will take advantage of that when I can while there is opportunity. And besides these things there are other ways for betterment there should be awareness for.

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RE:Nudity is beneficial but especially that for the feet

Wow, congratulations

Not easy getting your feet toughen up enough. Im still working on it because we have so many Mesquite thorns around.

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