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natural privacy screening

I've been working for years to screen in my back yard naturally for nude sunning , gardening and someday even cutting the grass and apparently because of my nudity my neighbor behind has been so too till yesterday when she had two guy come cut...


would love to help with the gardening in the chester and north wales area

Garden help Sunshine Coast Hinterland

I need someone who can assist in keeping my acreage under control ! Nature fights 24 / 7 to take over ...very peaceful and a wonderful venue to be outdoors naked. A few projects need a bit of muscle . Thanks Ken

Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Forgot to state that I am Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia for the garden help topic just posted

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Indian Summer

This past week has been warm and sunny with temps in the 60's and 70's, very unusual for this time of year. I spent every afternoon doing some naked gardening. I grow everything in raised beds because of the very sandy native soil here. So...

Hedge Trimming

I always tril the private portions of our hedges naked and have just made a short video which can be viewed here.


I'll admit it, what attracted me to wonderberries is the legend that Luther Burbank created a new species, Solanum X burbankii. Well, the fact is, he didn't; it is a good species in itself, Solanum retroflexum. But what keeps me growing it...

Front yard/garden/drive

A couple of days ago I decided to ignore the safety instructions on the container and spray the weeds in the drive naked. I was, of course careful not to spray myself.

When new people move in next door.

The single story house next door have new tenants moving in, but as most of the garden fence on that side is high enough not to be seen over it will be nude as normal in my garden, and if they decide to stretch up and look over the fence just too...