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Do You Remember....?

Do You Remember....? Do You Remember the first time you ever did, felt, or learned something? Do You Remember a funny or unique happening in your life you would like to share? Please post it. It's called "slice of life" n. pl. slices...

Alien civilization blocks humanity after...

Funny satirical article from the Beaverton: Immediately regretting opening the strange message attached to an oblong metallic object marked PIONEER found floating in space, a distant alien civilization blocked all of humanity on Thursday, remarking...

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Please explain Chat"

Please explain Chat" Now, if I understand this correctly; the first thing you do is take off all of your clothes. Next you turn on your computer or do you turn on the computer and then remove all of your clothing. I don't know, for I have a...

Just a joke

Size doesn't matter: I met this beautiful girl at the beach and said to her: "We would be a good match; you with your small breasts and I with my small willy". But she replied: "Well I rather prefer men with bigger things."...

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New TSA Check Point

First, it was pre-check where people who had paid a fee to a third party company could be pre-screened to bypass the longer lines ... Now, Enter: N-Check article:...

Hoodwinked by the Destroyer of Nations

Hoodwinked by the Destroyer of Nations Modern Philosophy Pet Psychiatry High Technology These entities become the demigod We have placed our country under its authority Father Son Holy Spirit The God our nation crawled after For protection For...

Riddle Game

Something really simple. Post a riddle. See who gets it right. No turn order. Just post as you will. With that being said... I have a mouth, but I do not eat. I have a bed, but I do not sleep. I have a bank, but I have no money. What am I?

Trump Jokes

While speaking at a press conference Donald Trump was interrupted by a reporter who shouted "You're lying!" "Of course I'm lying," Trump said, "but hear me out."

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by a_mad_man 
Udderly European

Can't takem anywhere.

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Ding dong Ditch Vegan Style

You now how normal pranksters Will place a flaming bag of dog doo on a person's porch , than ring the door bell and run for cover behind a bush. To laugh in a ridiculing manner, as the victim tries to stamp out the fire. Here is the vegan style...

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