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Numerical Progression

Instead of a word-based association game, what about a numerical association game? Begin by making a statement using the number immediately following the one listed in the current listed post. Either the raw number form (i.e., three) or the ordinal...

Quote of the Day

Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain. Edward de Bono.

Do you have a pet peeve?

Pet Peeve: Those that say Congrats instead of Congratulations. Congrats is a slang contraction of the real word congratulations. Would you say Condoles to someone who has lost a loved one? Do not congratulate someone if you can't be bothered to...

Find The Opposite (New Game)

Your answer must be completely opposite to the previous post. Exapmle- Reply to Young Black Cow would be Old White Bull. After giving answer, player then posts new set of words.

No tatoos, No Brandings

I believe the Human body is the Temple for God's Holy Spirit. So I have no tattoos or brandings on my body, and I don't date a woman who has them. Well, I broke up with my latest girlfriend. While engaged in a steamy passionate horizontal...

by thomasstierney 
Anatomy Can Be Fun. ABCD,,,,,

GAME RULES - Following in alphabetical from the previous post, think of a funny word to describe things relating to human anatomy. The First TOPIC will be Automobile related. EXAMPLE --- Axle Ass, Bugatti Bowels. etc,,

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by ollygrumps 
Vintage Nudist Humor

I found a funny blog that's free, with nudist humor I thought was funny. Vintage Nudist Humor

Newly Published Book: Steward of the Hearvest

Dear friends, I have just published my first book Steward of the Harvest Description of my book: This book is a collection of spiritual art and poetry by Stephen J. Vattimo. The artwork and poetry challenge the viewer to open their eyes and ears to...

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Song Lyric Chain

Hi, everyone. I thought we can have some fun with this one. Here are a few rules: 1) Use one word from the previous song line in your post while underlining. 2) Limit yourself to no more than a line or couplet from the song. 3) Include the name of...

You Reputation Proceads You

A woman who has a well-known reputation for being a bitch, calls up the taxi service Uber, for a ride from the local park to her home. A man pulls in his car, and say," Hay lady did you call for a taxi?" Then when she answers...

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