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Restroom Humor

In a recent post under the heading "Epiphany at the urinal..." someone posted a poem they had read on the wall of a ladies restroom. There are hundreds of examples of this type of humor; in fact I believe that someone oncepublished a book...

There are so many groups on this site. Some are logical in that they attract nudist with something in common. I.e. Normandy Nudist, or Adrenaline Rush Seeking Nudist. But some are pretty obscure. So let's have some fun. In 4 words or less ,...

Paper Or Plastic ?

This Humorous story is inspired by the obsession People in the United States has with altering their bodies, on a quest to posses the perfect body. The entertainment industry is the biggest influence on what is becoming socially excepted. People who...

Random thoughts and jokes

One night I went to a local bar and asked the very pretty barmaid "Where have you been all my life?" She smiled and replied, "For the first half of it, I wasn't born yet."

Question of the day

If Dr Jekyll goes to a nude beach does he tan his Hyde?

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Word Association Game

Word Association GameReplies211 - 225 226 - 240 241 - 255 Just copy and paste the list, then add the first word, How to create and maintain a "Last Page" link. that comes into your head. (keep it clean! :) Nudist

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Just out of interest....

I just purchased something from the US It may work but I might need some advice Any preliminary istructions woud be welcomed I think it is going to be fitting a square peg into a round hole???!!!!

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Naked and afraid

Anyone else ever wonder why the first thing they do on this show is try to find something to wear? I understand footwear but if I was on a show with naked in the title they couldn't get me dressed.

Don't worry be happy nude in 2021

Happy new year! We don't know what 2021 has in store for us, but we're pretty sure it's going to be a better year than 2020! Hope for 2021

Why enunciation is important

A friend of mine is an accomplished performer on the "Oud," that Mid-Eastern instrument that is the ancestor of the Renaissance lute. When asked what her role was in a dance event, she replied, "I'm an oudist." "Oh,...