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The irony of Speedos...

The name makes it seem like it's what you'd wear to swim the fastest, and it makes sense seeing they're tight briefs. But since I stopped wearing them for exercise it seems I'm the fastest swimming naked, not to mention I'm more...

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

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Chat ban

I posted a photo which had been in my profile photo in the main site for probably six months. It shows absolutely nothing in fact it could be a closed photograph which is posed perfectly. Can anyone explain to me why I was banned. That photograph is...

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Halloween Costume? In the Nude???? :)

When a nude person goes to a Halloween costume party...What does a nude person wear??? Asking for a friend. LOL

Interesting Facts

The World's first text message was transmitted on May 24, 1844.

Something to Lighten Your Day--Do you know...

Unless they have watched old movies, many of the younger generation has never seen these airplanes much less know any of their history. So here is a very rare photo. Do you know what type of airplane these are and can you identify the city and...

Frank& Ernest

Today's comic strip caption. What bothers me is that my birthday suit is now considered vintage clothing.

Naturalism a new religion

Naturalism a new religion Naturalism a righteous decision Naturalism is integrity and a mission Nude you come n go too is real cycle completion Nude or rude you choose and nude is better option Controversy nudism may be, still a catching caption...

Nudism and coronavirus

I have heard a lot of conspiracy theories lately. People tend to believe a lot of crazy things. Haven't heard anyone spreading a rumour that home nudity (following all sanitary instructions, ofcourse) actually protects against the coronavirus.

Friends who play word games

Do some of your "word game" playing friends crap up your feed? It's okay to have fun with the word games, I've even contributed myself a few times but..... It can get annoying when I visit my feed page and it's loaded with word...