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The "New" Song Title Chain

Since the powers that be, have graciously decided to delete the ever popular "Song Title Chain" thread. We will now start a new one. I was able to find an archive copy on the web, to recover the original rules. I did make an edit or two....

What are you listening to?

Hey everyone, I'm constantly on the hunt for new music, I thought I'd make a thread for people to share what they have been recently into. I know we all have our classics and go-to artists/songs, but I wanted to create an area for people to...

New Chain Game

This replaces old game. To reply, drop the first word and use the last word first. Then add one that will go with it.

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by Gaucher 
New Game - Use Two and Drop One

Use any two of three words from previous post and add new word in any order.

Places A - Z

This game can be country's, state's, city's, locations, etc. Alaska

Change a letter game

Put up two words which have only one letter changed, taken out or inserted. The words mean very different things but they could be linked. Some examples Public pubic Erection election Prostrate prostate

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by Homo_Nudus 
Song Title Chain

Hey Administrators!!! What the hell are you doing!!!!???? Why the FUCK did you have to delete the most popular thread on this whole damn site??? WHY?? Can you please put it back???? Why do you want more and more people to leave this site?? WHY????

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Challenge to Ponder

What is the significance of the number 281,600? I will give a hint in a few days after your initial round of guesses. Have fun

T-Shirt Game

Here is how the game say which band/singers t-shirt you go to bed in, and explain how you wake up using a song title to explain. Here are a few examples: I went to bed in an A-Ha t-shirt, and woke up Hunting High and Low. I went to bed...